Middle East sows seeds of a second Arab spring

Mohammed remembered the uproar in 2011 saying “Friends were shot beside, in front and behind me.” It was when Tunisian security forces battled to crush mass protests. Meanwhile, these events have become the catalyst for the Arab Spring while oppressed nation moves against the corrupt.

Mr. Soghayer is one of the thousand people who went back on the street. He worked for a café for seven years where he earned $6-$8 dollars a day and still unable to make ends meet. Many factors have triggered the anti-government protests in January including increased taxes on cars, petrol subsidies, internet, and phone usage. This allows the elite to rule as the situation hurts the poor.

“The youth just have no way of living. . . All we want is to reach the status of slaves who were at least guaranteed food, clothes, and shelter. It is not normal for a young man my age to be unable to afford marriage or a home,” says Mr. Soghayer.

Moreover, the jihadi group decided to retreat after losing the strongholds in Syria and Iraq. However, experts revealed that the region must remain its gripped through the simmering crises. This is due to the bigger threat that may affect its long-term stability. According to Financial Times, it is “the failure of governments to fix broken systems that for decades combined oppression with state largesse to maintain stability.”

Marwan Muasher, a former Jordanian foreign minister and vice-president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace said, “Unless you come up with a new discourse politically and economically then a new version of Isis is going to emerge. It [the fractures in society] is the biggest problem, and unfortunately, very few leaders are paying attention to it.”

“If they don’t, we might face another Arab spring, this time more radical and more violent. No one can predict when it will happen, nobody predicted when the Arab spring happened. But the status quo is not sustainable,” he ended. Any reaction? Participate in Papa Murphy’s survey!

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