Middle East: Can Europe handle them?

Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian President, visited the headquarters of European Union last January 2018. According to Gulf News, it was a good beginning though pressure needs must be kept on today and in the next two years.

The rights of the Palestinian people are supported by the international community despite the potential horrors of the American decision that comes at a time when the Middle peace process is at its nadir. If the right wing in Israel and its new cohorts in White House think they can change things around, they will be in for a surprise. Europe has always been in favor of the June 1967 borders and nothing can change that. The powerful continent is in a very strong position to make good on its words.

It has sought to remain on the fence for now. EU was satisfied to be the economic backer of the Palestinians as it leaves the political side of the negotiations to the Americans. While they act as sponsors to pursue the Middle East talks, nothing has been gained.

The EU has made its voice heard, consistently and persistently, offering developmental aid, money to develop institutions. They also helped to pursue projects in the Occupied Territories. However, EU always leaves the big political questions to the Americans. Now, everything is up to the Palestinian leadership, the Arabs, and the Muslim world now to point to the Europeans that they can do much more than the “service” role they have comfortably put themselves into for at least the past 10 or 15 years.

Whether they get off of the fence to become effective players or not, only time will tell. But know this: EU has the biggest understanding of the international politics of the Middle East. So what do you think of this article? Comment your suggestions on the Kroger Customers survey.

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