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Geographical location of Palestine

The state of Palestine is located in the Middle East, in between the Gaza Strip and West Bank. Its capital is in Jerusalem, and its administrative center is currently at Ramallah.  This is one of the most beautiful states with a lot of things to boast. Did you know that Palestine has a total population of 4,816,503 people? This is a partially recognized State whose largest city is known as Gaza city. She declared her independence in 1988, and she is ruled by a president and a Prime Minister.  She has been going through a sovereign dispute with Israel for a while until recently.

Why should you visit Palestine?

This state lies in the Levant and its Gaza Strip borders the Mediterranean sea. This is one of the places that attract millions of tourists from across the world especially in the West Bank, Gaza Strip as well as East Jerusalem. There are a lot of things in store for tourists, and the Palestinians always encourage international tourists so that this can boost their economy when they use cash or credit card.


Did you know that the literacy rate of Palestine is 96.3%?  Even though the illiteracy among women is a little bit higher than men in Palestine, according to the United Nations Development Programme, the standards of Palestine’s education is quite high when ranked worldwide.

The social life of pedestrians

This is one of the States that is popularly known for good football and rugby. As a matter of fact, even though Palestine has been experiencing an ongoing war, Palestinians love football, and its National team have represented the country severally in international football.

Palestinians are also known for self-determination, and this was mainly witnessed during the increased autonomy as well as sovereign independence. There are quite a number of prominent politicians from Palestine who are best known as proponents of self-determination. There is no doubt that Palestine is one of the countries that one needs to pay a visit sooner.

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