Between the cave of Thailand and Gaza’s

According to Middle East Monitor, the world finally breathed a sigh of relief following the success of the divers in northern Thailand in rescuing the 12 children and their coach after 17 days trapped in a flooded cave. The rescue and plight of the children have attracted worldwide attention and has captured a great deal […]

Middle East’s Fitness Feminist

According to See Beyond, as the director of sales and development for electroCore, a medical device company in New Jersey, Jillian Bridgette Cohen traveled often to Malaysia and Jordan. There she noticed women struggling with their weight — in fact, 65 percent of women in the Middle East are either overweight or obese — but […]

Middle East sows seeds of a second Arab spring

Mohammed remembered the uproar in 2011 saying “Friends were shot beside, in front and behind me.” It was when Tunisian security forces battled to crush mass protests. Meanwhile, these events have become the catalyst for the Arab Spring while oppressed nation moves against the corrupt. Mr. Soghayer is one of the thousand people who went […]

Middle East: Can Europe handle them?

Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian President, visited the headquarters of European Union last January 2018. According to Gulf News, it was a good beginning though pressure needs must be kept on today and in the next two years. The rights of the Palestinian people are supported by the international community despite the potential horrors of the […]

Kuwait as the best country in Middle East

Workplace equality becomes a higher priority for organizations around the world with every passing year. Those in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region are no exception. According to the ‘Working Women in the Middle East and North Africa’ survey by, the Middle East’s number one job site, and global online market research […]

Ways in Which a Businessperson With Global Aspirations Can Benefit From the Oil in the Middle East

A businessperson who has global ambitions may be inclined to start thinking of exploiting the potentially lucrative opportunities that are created by the oil which is said to be abundant in the Middle East region. Thinking further along these lines, one comes to realize that there are actually several ways in which such a businessperson, […]

Understanding Why Issues About the Middle East Tend to be So Controversial

Issues touching on the Middle East tend to be extremely controversial. This is the impression you get, whenever you read the discussions in online forums touching on the said Middle East issues. This is also the impression you get whenever you hear politicians from across the political divide discussing about the Middle Eastern issues. Indeed, […]